Dental Implants FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Most patients are candidates for dental implants! There are no upper limits on age for dental implant treatment. Your periodontist will complete a medical and dental evaluation to ensure that you’re a good candidate for implant placement and will provide a customized treatment plan for your care.

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What happens if I choose not to close a space?

Besides loss of ability to chew, speak, and function normally, having a missing tooth has some hidden downsides. Teeth work in pairs, and without an opposing tooth, the missing tooth’s partner will begin to drift and shift over time, potentially requiring extraction. Additionally, the teeth behind the missing tooth will begin to drift into the new space, which can change your bite and the way your teeth come together.

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How successful are dental implants?

With modern implants and modern surgical techniques (all of which are provided at PerioCare), we find that dental implant success rates are about 95% successful!

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Will dental implants hurt?

Most of our patients are surprised with how comfortable dental implant placement is! We make every effort to treat every patient gently to ensure a safe and comfortable outcome. Patients are provided post-operative medications to help with discomfort as well as instructions on how to take care of their mouth after surgery. IV sedation is offered to help make the surgery even more comfortable.

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How long does the dental implant process take?

Every case is different, but in some cases, a dental implant can be placed at the exact same time a tooth is removed. In other cases, we need time for bone to grow and heal before dental implant placement, which may take a few months. Some time is usually required for the dental implant to fuse to your jawbones as well. Average treatment time is between 3-to-6 months.

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How much do dental implants cost and does my insurance cover these procedures?

Usually, the cost of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant is similar to replacing it with a regular fixed bridge. Every case is different and you will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan including fees at your consultation. Please remember that your restoration (dental crown, denture, or bridge) will be completed with your general dentist or prosthodontist. Some dental insurance companies will provide a benefit for dental implant placement, but every plan is different. We will help with the process of inquiring about your dental implant benefit with your insurance company.

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